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RHCE Newsletter – NZ Special Edition

RHCE Newsletter: NZ Special Edition Performance of Compass Pools in the Christchurch earthquake Compass Fiberglass Pools 2: Concrete Pools In May 2012, Compass Pools Group Engineer Charles Rickard visited Christchurch to review the performance of the Compass Pool range in the recent major earthquakes. There he met with Mr Stuart Laing of Compass Pools NZ […]

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RHCE Newsletter – Special Points of Interest

RHCE Newsletter: Special Points of Interest; Pool Bedding Retaining Walls  Retaining Wall Pressure on Swimming Pools  At the Cairns conference , and two or three afterwards, many of you will remember how I told you that a fiberglass pool is designed to carry soil pressure level with the top of the pool whilst empty of water. You may also remember that […]

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Australian Developments in GRC Design

  Australian Developments in GRC Design: Charles Rickard of RH Consulting Engineers Tony Grosset of Grosset Consulting and Construction  Background Charles Rickard graduated from the University of Surrey, UK in 1975.  There he was lectured by worldwide authority, Dr David Hannant in the subject of Fiberglass Composites which included Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC hereafter).  After […]

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What is GRC?

What is GRC?  Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) was first developed by the Building Research Establishment in the early 1950s.  The product was then developed commercially by Pilkington Brothers, based in St Helens Lancashire. GRC is a mix of; sand, cement, water, plasticiser and varying percentages and types of alkali resistant glass fibre. There are two […]

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