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Most new strata properties have defects

Most new strata-title properties have defects Leesha Mckenny, Matthew Moore Plagued by problems … 85 per cent of owners surveyed in buildings constructed since 2000 reported defects. Photo: Jessica Shapiro THE most comprehensive study ever of strata properties has found 85 per cent of new apartments in NSW are plagued by defects. The results of […]

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RHCE Newsletter – NZ Special Edition

RHCE Newsletter: NZ Special Edition Performance of Compass Pools in the Christchurch earthquake Compass Fiberglass Pools 2: Concrete Pools In May 2012, Compass Pools Group Engineer Charles Rickard visited Christchurch to review the performance of the Compass Pool range in the recent major earthquakes. There he met with Mr Stuart Laing of Compass Pools NZ […]

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