Rickard Engineering for NSW Schools

Rickard Engineering for NSW Schools

Rickard Engineering involvement with Public Works/DET

On June 30th 2016, responsibility for the structural maintenance of NSW Schools became the responsibility of DET only, with the demise of the Public Works organisation.

Charles Rickard has been working in this area since 1984. On average he is asked to visit around 30 schools a year. His involvement generally is to provide advice on matters of structural distress, which are causing concern to the school principal.

The width of work encompasses the following:

  • Concrete cancer (rusting of reinforcement in the concrete causing spalling)
  • Waterproofing
  • Flooding
  • Cracking of walls
  • Structural damage caused by termite infestation
  • Severe rusting of steel sections leading to potential safety issues
  • Problems with concrete footpaths and play areas
  • Alterations/enlargements to school facilities

32 years of assisting in these matters has meant that Charles is able to not only diagnose, recommend rectification but also provide budget cost guidance on the necessary works. The combination of this reporting content has made his service very competitive in the market, Charles makes sure that he personally inspects each project though follow up services may well be provided from within the company team. Some examples of our company involvement in recent times are as follows:

  • Killara High School

Concept analysis and budget estimating for proposed alterations to the school library, concrete cancer in first floor balcony walkway Block A.

Killara High School

  • Lidcome TAFE

Pavement failure of internal road due to storm water

Lidcombe TAFE

South Granville High School

Failure of steel bracket supporting concrete canopy

  • Muirfield High School

Multiple problems in concrete canopy roofs and walkways due to concrete cancer and joint failure

  • Auburn Public School

Flooding of school playing fields caused by poorly coordinated stormwater drainage associated with a long list of school building projects

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Charles Rickard at Rickard Engineering. Details below.